Coast to Coast Land was created to assist property owners with all services associated with buying and selling property. We offer advertising and marketing assistance.
Buying - If you're interested in purchasing that property you've always dreamed of, we can help you. Search our database and you'll find advertisements for luxurious properties from around the world. Coast to Coast Land is for sale by owner so you pay no commissions.
Financing - If it is needed we can direct you to a lender who specializes in property financing. We will contact a title agency to handle the closing and protect your investment transaction. Don't pay inflated developer prices when you can purchase a resale without commissions or high pressure sales tactics!
Selling - When selling your property you must realize their are two key ingredients for success. The first is putting a fair and reasonable price on your property. Remember that the buyer will select their purchase by comparison shopping. Check the market to see what other properties are showing for. The second ingredient is exposure.
Coast to Coast Land gives your property the marketing force needed to bring the buyer and seller together. We conduct a worldwide campaign employing computer technology to effectively match your property with interested buyers. There are no commissions, closing costs or hidden fees. Your equity is yours!